Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tideline 6 JUNE 2012 (with Angelina)

kickin' it with your host, Angelina:

Gracefully (Vintage Trouble)
Clementine (Sarah Jaffe)
Laid A Highway (Tift Merritt)
Bramble Rose (Tift Merritt)
Trouble Over Me (Tift Merritt)

Hard Way Home (Brandi Carlile)
I'll Still Be There (Brandi Carlile)
Raise Hell (Brandi Carlile)

Writing Rhythms (Meg Mackey)
Angelina (Meg Mackey)
Rendered Useless (Meg Mackey)

Good Morning Moon (Marian Call)

Next Time I See You (Deering and Down)
Dear Lord (Deering and Down)
Now I Know (Deering and Down)

Don't Stop Me This Time (Kevin Gordon)
Dissatisfied (Kevin Gordon)
High Shelf Booze (Eilen Jewell)
Queen of the Minor Key (Eilen Jewell)
I Remember You (Eilen Jewell)

I've Found You (Nina Ferraro)
North Georgia (The Lovely Drifters)


UAS Alumni & Friends said...

Angelina, when I was coming home tonight you were playing a song from a live show in which the man was singing about being a cowpunch who was "going home this fall after the work was done." what song and singer was that?

UAS Alumni & Friends said...
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