Monday, August 27, 2012

Friends&Neighbors Aug 22 2012

Some of what you heard:

Pigs in the Pipeline
Brave Alaska, wild and free
    from Linda Crider  Men of the Sea: Songs of Alaska

and from Barefoot

Gray Eagle
Granny Killed A Woodchuck
Hook and Line
    from Lee Sexton Whoa Mule

Plus tu tournes
   from the ZoZo Sisters (Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy) Adieu, False Heart

Cold Missouri Waters
Dance as You Go
   from James Keelaghan  A Recent Future
My Skies
   from James Keelaghan  My Skies

Peace Comin'
Requiem for a Poor Boy
  from Michael Garner Angels Wear the Strangest Clothes

What They Say
   from Chris Smither   Hundred Dollar Valentine

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