Sunday, September 23, 2012

Livingston Stapler Company Presents

The Butthole Surfers -     Jet Fighter
Butterbeans & Susie -     What It Takes
Various -     Teach Me Tiger
Louis Prima -     The Lip
The Butthole Surfers -     Revolution Part 1
RL Burnside -     Peaches
Julion Alvarez y Su Norten Banda -     Cuanto Me Gusta Este Rancho
The Rolling Stones -     Some Girls
The Butthole Surfers -     Intelligent Guy
RL Burnside -     Tojo Told Hitler
J.B. Hutto & His Hawks -     Too Much Alcohol
Senor Coconut -     Homecomputer
Dwight Yoakam -     A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
Richard Cheese -     Rape Me
The Butthole Surfers -     Wichita Cathedral
Beny More -     Francisco Guayabal
Pan Sonic -     Alku
Reverend Horton Heat -     Baddest Of The Bad
The Butthole Surfers -     Mexican Caravan
Ella Fitzgerald With Chick Webb -     When I Get Low I Get High
The Butthole Surfers -     Eye Of The Chicken
Richard Cheese -     Hungry Like The Wolf
Leningrad -     Zvezda Rok-N-Rolla
Rolling Stones -     You Can't Always Get What You Want
Louis Armstrong & Danny Kaye -     When The Saints Go Marching In
Talvin Singh -     Decca
The Butthole Surfers -     Weber
Bunny & Skitter -     A Little Mashin'
Richard Cheese -     Been Caught Stealing
Tito Puente -     Fat Mama
The Butthole Surfers -     Rocky
Richard Cheese -     Welcome To The Jungle
The Rolling Stones -     Over The Waves
Lily Allen -     Not Big
Bebo Valdes -     Sasuama
The Butthole Surfers -     Tongue
Hank Williams -     Settin' The Woods On Fire
The Butthole Surfers -     Human Cannoball
Willie Colon -     Willie Whopper
Spike Jones  -     Clink Clink Another Drink
kid606 -     Relive Yr Unhappy Childhood
The Butthole Surfers -     Gary Floyd
French Kiss -     Lil' Louis
R.E.M. -     Walter's Theme
Ravi Shankar -     Transmigration
RL Burnside -     Jumper Hanging Out On The Line
Martin Denny -     Hawaii Tattoo
Hank Williams -     Pan American
The Johnny Shines Blues Band -     Dynaflow Blues
The Butthole Surfers -     Golden Showers
Mike Lease & Jane Ridout -     Miner's Hornpipe
Richard Cheese -     Brass Monkey
Georgia White -     I'll Be Sittin' On It If I Can't Sell It
The Surf Champlers -     James Bond Theme
Spike Jones  -     I Wanna Go Back To West Virginia
Bongwater -     Chicken Pussy
Akanars -     Go-Go Chinbora
Kid606  -       F*ck Up Everything You Can

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