Saturday, October 6, 2012



1. ARTIST: Clifton Anderson
SONG: "And So We Carry On"
ALBUM: "And So We Carry On."

2. ARTIST: Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron
SONG: "How Can You Not?"
ALBUM: "Live In Tokyo."

3. ARTIST: David Paul Pfleger
SONG: "Cobalt Blue."
ALBUM: "blue."

4. ARTIST: David Paul Pfleger
SONG: "Cobalt Blue."
ALBUM: "blue."

5. ARTIST: David Paul Pfleger
SONG: "Blue Bone."
ALBUM: "blue."

6. ARTIST: Arturo Sandoval
SONG: "Tunisias Blues."
ALBUM: "Tumbaito." 

7. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "Coal Minor Blues."
ALBUM: "Blue Hats."

8. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "Statue of Liberty."
ALBUM: "Blue Hats."
=========================8 P.M.
9. ARTIST: Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond
SONG: "Blue Rondo Ala Turk."
ALBUM: "Take Five In Concert."

10. ARTIST: Phil Morris Trio
SONG: "Sea Island Blues."
ALBUM: "Sea Island Blues."

11.ARTIST: Woody Allen
SONG: "In The Evening When The Sun Goes Dow."
ALBUM: "Wild Man Blues." 1998

12. ARTIST: Alvin Batiste
SONG: "Bat's Blues."
ALBUM: "Late."

13. ARTIST: Preservation Hall Jazz Band

SONG: "Bourbon Street Parade One More Before I Die."
ALBUM: "St. Peter & 57Th St."

14. ARTIST: Chet Baker
SONG: "Ballata In Forma Di Blues."
ALBUM: "The Italian Sessions."

15. ARTIST: Chris Botti
SONG: "Blue Horizon."
ALBUM: "Night Sessions."

16. ARTIST: Ahmad Jamal
SONG: "Autumn Rain."
ALBUM: "Blue Moon."


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