Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mudlark Sampler

Host - Jack Fontanella

Horseshoe Bend, Foghorn Stringband, Outshine the Sun
Outshine the Sun, same as above
Cap Hollis' Jig, The New Southern Ramblers, Old-Time Music
All the Good Times are Past and Gone, Kim Beggs, Wanderer's Paean
Arnold Van Pelt's Tune, Bl;ack Crown String Band
Time, The New Kathy Kallick Band, Time
Tupelo Blues, The Haints Old Time String Band, Shout Monah
Shout Lula, Lonesome Sisters and Riley Baugus, Lonesome Scenes
Never Seen The Like Since Getting Upstairs, The New Southern Ramblers, Old Time Mountain Music
Troubles, See Lonesome Sisters above

Indian Ate a Woodchuck, Foghorn, Outshine the Sun
Would You Like to Get Some Goats, The Carper Family, Back When
Western Country, The Rockinghams, Shout Lulu
Grub Spring, Glory on the Big String, Rafe Stefanini
Long Time Traveling, The New Kathy Kallick Band, Time
Water Bound, Dirk powell, Time Again
Birchfields Rabbit, Evil City String Band

Wlliam Riley, New Southern Ramblers, Old Time Mountain Music
Old Yeller Dog Came Trottin' Through the Meeting House, Rayna Gellert, Ways of the World
John Hannah Indians Over the Hill, Jeff Goehring, Field Recordings
Rhymers', The Flat Iron String Band
Dollar Bill, The Austin Steamers
Fox Chase, Freight Hoppers, Mile Marker

Jon Doyle's Tennesse Gals, Jeff Goehrng, Field Recording
Pioneer and Doctor, Kim Beggs, Wanderer's Paean
Sally Cooper, Bruce Molsky, Lost Boy
Rank Strangers, Frank Bodie, Been Riding with Old Mose
Fort Smith, Breakdown, Pig Iron, Fill Me Up
Bill Cheatham, The Flat Iron String Band
Walking in Jerusalem, The Southern Schoolhouse Rascals, Old School Mountain Style
Hell on Nine Mile, Dan Gellert & Brad Leftwich, A Moment in Time
Russian Rabbit, Wandering Ramblers, Wandering and Rambling
Banks of the Yukon, Kim Beggs, Wanderer's Paean
HumpBack mule, The Fogthorn String Band, Outshine the Sun

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