Saturday, January 19, 2013

Muadlark Sampler

Host - Jack Fontanella

Turn Your On Radio On, The Blue Sky Boys
Boys My Money's All Gone, Erynn Marshall, Tune Tramp
Glory in the Meeting House, Erynn Marshall, Calico
Roll 'me Boys, The New Southern Ramblers, Old Time Mountain Music
Roll "Em on the Ground, The Skillet, Lickers
Railroad Runs Through Georgia, Erynn Marshall, Tune Tramp

Red Prarie Dawn, Gary Harrison and Mule Train, Title
Jolly Old Soul, The New Mules, Pride of America
Round Barn, Gary Harrison and Red Mule Train see above
Boys the Buzzards are Flying, the Fly by Night String Band, The Young Fogies
Red Prarie Dawn, Cahalen Morrison and eli west, Our Lady of the Tall Trees
I'll Not Be a Stranger, Same as above, The Holy Coming Of the Storm
Loretta, same as Above, Our Lady of the Tall Trees

Church Street Blues same as above
Lonesome Road Blues, Erynn Marshall, Tune Tramp
Dance All Night, The Highwoods String Band, Feed Your Babies Onions
Money Musk, Highwoods, Fire on the Mountain
Been All Around This World, Highwoods, Feed You babies Onions
The Shopping Song, The Arm and Hammer Stingband, Thye Young Fogies
Horseshoe Bend, the Foghorn, Stringband, Outshine the Sun
Horseshoe Bend, The Stripling Brothers, Stripling Brothers
Horseshoe Bned, The Improbabillie, The Impobabillies

Goldmine, I Draw Slow, Redhills
Lowdown Girl Like Me, same as above
Buffalo Hunt, as above
Someday We'll Meet you Up There, Foghorn, Outshine the Sun
Tune Tramp, Erynn Mashall (Carl Jones), Tune Tramp

Calico, Erynn Marshall, Calico
Hosses in the Canebreak, Bruce Molsky and Bob Carlin, Banging and Sawing
Hop High Ladies, Emily Shaad and Mark Freed, The New Youg Fogies
Susaanna Gall, Nick McMillon and Kelly Breidlng, same as above

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