Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Little Bit of Broadway


Today we learn the winners of the 2013 Grammy awards. One of the interesting things about the Grammy’s is that, instead of filling the show with announcements of who won what, the whole show is almost all the music they are celebrating and most of the 81 awards are announced during the afternoon brunch. So we already know the winner of best recording of a musical. It’s Once, the 2012 Tony Award winner for best musical. It’s the story of a young Dublin busker who falls in love with a Czech woman. They make lovely music together, and come to care about each other very much, but in the end, their ways must part.

To finish off this Sunday before Valentine’s Day, let’s listen to my favorite romantic musical – She Loves Me. Georg and Amelia are writing to each other anonymously and falling in love with each other. What they don’t know is that they work with each other and hate each other!

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