Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mudlark Sampler

Host - Jack Fontanella

Turn Your Radio, On, The Blue Sky Boys, On radio Vol 2
Tiv's Tune, JimmyJohnnyJoe, Oldtime Music and Songs
New Nashville, Joseph Decosimo, Sequatchie Vally
Mississippi sawyer, Chikcen Train, Chicken Train
Single Girl, Annie Lou,  Annie Lou
Living in Babylon, The Heartbeats, Spinng World
Josie Girl, Joe Decosimo, Sequatchie Valley
Four Parts Shorten'/Isometrics, Euphor, Euphor

Boatsman, Joe Decosimo, As above
Going Up on the Mountain, The Sweet Low Down, The Sweet Low Down
House Carpenter, The Lonesome Sisters w/ Riley Baugus
Bowling Green, Annie Lou, Annie Lou
Darlin' Don't You Know That's Wrong, JimmyJohnnyJoe, Oldtime Music and Songs
Old Man Can Your Dog Catch a Rabbit, Chicken Train

Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase, The Macrae Sisters, Old Sledge
Old  Joe, JimmyJohnyJoe, as above
New Five Cents, Joe Decosimo, as above
Chicken Under the Washtub, The Sweet Low Down
Don't Walk Away, The Sweet Low Down
Kingdom, I Draw Slow, Kingdom, Redhils

Up in the Cool, The Macrea Sisters, Old Sledge
Montana Cowboy, The Carper Family
Cousin Sally Brown, Marcus Marttin, Home Recordings
Sally Brown, Joe Dcosimo, as above
Cousin Sally Brown, Macare Sisters, as above
Cousin Sally Brown, Dirk Powell, If I Go Ten Thousand Miles

Horeshoe Bend, The Foghorn Stringband, Outshine the Sun
When You're Living in Caroline, Annie Lou
Fire on the Mountain, The Highwoods Stringband, Fire on the Mountain
Nancy Rowland, same as above

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