Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Bit of Broadway 4/7/13

Taking advantage of extra time due to an early Met opera ending, we got TWO complete cast albums for the day!

Under the definitions of "quirky," "fresh," "fun," and "engaging, " came "Urinteown: The Musical" and "The Drowsy Chaperone"

Urinetown: The Musical is a rollicking cautionary tale.

It presents a dystopian view of what happens when a drought impacts our daily need to use that bathroom. Corporations like Urine Good Company take control of sanitation facilities, charging a price for "the Privilege to Pee." Violators get sent to a mysterious place called 'Urinetown,' where many are sent, but from where no one ever returns. Bobby Strong, a young rebel, fights back against the system, falls in love with Urine Good Comapny CEO's daughter, and ends up in Urintown, which turns out to be nothing more than being tossed off the roof of UGC headquarters. In the ironic ending, it turns out that the corporate rationing was the only way to deal with the drought...Bobby's idealistic free use policy depleted all the water reserves, leaving behind a more perilous, more thirsty world.

Officer Lockstock and Little Sally have the following exchange:

Little Sally: What kind of musical is this? The good guys take over and everything starts falling apart!
Officer Lockstock: Like I said, Little Sally, this isn't a happy musical.
Little Sally: But the music's so happy!
Officer Lockstack: Yes, Little Sally. Yes it is.

Officer Lockstock: Jeff McCarthy
Little Sally: Spencer Kayden
Bobby Strong: Hunter Foster
Cladwell B. Cladwell: John Cullum
Hope Cladwell: Jennifer Laura Thompson

The Drowsy Chaperone is a breezy, charming throwback to back-in-the-day musicals. Boy loves girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl....along with a dotty dowager and the underling she loves, a Broadway impresario and his dizzy chorine, two gangsters disguised as pastry chefs, a Latin lothario, an aviatrix, and of course, the drowsy chaperone. Put them all together, and you have, my friends, a hoot!

Bob Martin, Danny Burnstein, Georgia Engel, Sutton Foster, Edward Hibbert, Tryo Britton Johnson....and more!


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