Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friends & Neighbors late spring 2013

Friends and Neighbors is an eclectic show on KRNN, public radio with music for you all day and all night!

Notes on what we've broadcast recently (no this isn't a complete rundown) - we have some handwritten lists so call us up and ask! (907)586-1212

Folk Festival in early April
sub for Mike in early May
a whole evening with Marian Call selecting and hosting!

Rita Hosking from Little Boat  
Time is Reigning 
Sierra Bound

Stephen Sills, retrospective boxed set, Carry On  
You Don't Have to Cry
Johnny's Garden
Know You Got to Run
See the Change
Daylight Again
Isn't It So
Haven't We Lost Enough
Heart's Gate
Girl from the North Country

Laura Sheehan from "The LIght Still Burns"
Bearcat Blues
Etta Baker C Medley

TR Ritchie from Wild Horses
Tangled in a Spell

Fiddler&Digeridoo/St Anne's Reel

Burns&Christy from Caravan
Standing Like a Tree

Paul Roseland
Happy Miner
Wish I was 80 Again

Maine Fiddle Camp (14th Annual Staff Compilation CD)  vol 3
Quadrille/JB Milne by Bob McQuillan
B-Flat medley by Frank Ferrell

Ken Waldman from D is for Dogteam
Been to the East, Been to the West (places in Alaska)

Panda and Critter
Stone Ground


Dick Weissman from near and far
Trail Ridge variations

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OrcaSister said...

Thanks to the volunteer host, Marian Call, and
kudos to Douglas O McIntosh who crafted this list (as a list on Amazon, called Marian Calls set from KRNN)

Can You Picture That? (from "The Muppet Movie") by The Friends Of Fur Band
He Lays In The Reins by Calexico / Iron And Wine
Lost by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
What'll I Do by Lisa Hannigan
As Dewe in Aprylle by Paul Spicer
Crybaby by The Ascetic Junkies
Jolie bruine by Camille
Better Off Broke by Danny Schmidt
Clever Girl by The Doubleclicks
Momma's Boy by Elizabeth & the Catapult
Anti-matter by The Aquabats
How Dare You by Thao & Mirah
Some People by Peter Mulvey
Berceuse by Coeur De Pirate
Inngerneq by Pamyua
He Did by Anais Mitchell
Way Down Hadestown (feat. Ani DiFran co & Be n Knox Miller ) by Anais Mitchell
Hey, Little Songbird (feat. Greg Brown) by Anais Mitchell
Cassiopeia by Joanna Newsom
Weather vane by Kris Delmhorst
Jesus Saves, I Spend by St. Vincent
Around This Corner by Sarah Harmer
From Here by Jenny Owen Youngs
Nothing Can Come Between Us by Obi Best