Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jazz World

1. ARTIST: Grace Kelly
SONG: "Summertime."
ALBUM: "Live At Scullers."

2. ARTIST: Yellowjackets
SONG: "Greenhouse."
ALBUM: "Greenhouse."

3. ARTIST: The Rodriguez Brothers
SONG: "El Manicero."
ALBUM: "Conversations."

4. ARTIST: Booker T. & The M.G.'s
SONG: "Green Onion."
ALBUM: "The Best of Booker T &The MGs."

5. ARTIST: McCoy Tyner & Derek Trucks
SONG: "Slapback Blues."
ALBUM: "Guitars."

6. ARTIST: Lee Rittenour
SONG: "Uptown."
ALBUM: "Stolen Moments."

7. ARTIST: Cleveland Jazz Orchestra
SONG: "African Skies."
ALBUM: "Jazz Vespers."

8. ARTIST: Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra
SONG: "Haitian Fight Song."
ALBUM: "The Endless Search."
9. ARTIST: The Al Di Meola Project
SONG: "Rhapsody of Fire."
ALBUM: "Tirami Su."

10. ARTIST: The Al DiMeola Project
SONG: "Beijing Demons."
ALBUM: "Tirami Su."

11. ARTIST: Pat Metheny
SONG: "Spirit of the Air."
ALBUM: "Orchestrion."

12. ARTIST: La Palma
SONG: "Blond Beer In A Pink Bar."
ALBUM: "La Palma."

13. ARTIST: Odean Pope Saxophone Choir
SONG: "Central Park West."
ALBUM: "Locked & Loaded."

14. ARTIST: Brad Mehldau
SONG: "Buddha Realm."
ALBUM: "Live."

15. ARTIST: Joe Pass
SONG: "Misty."
ALBUM: "Resonance."

16. ARTIST: Manu Katche
SONG: "Slowing the Tide."
ALBUM: "Manu Katche."

17. ARTIST: Santana
SONG: "El Farol."
ALBUM: "Supernatural."


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