Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jazz World

1. ARTIST: Golden Buddha
SONG: "Silk Road."
VENUE: Live at the Nine Gates Jazz Festival, Beijing, 2012.

2. ARTIST: Silk Road Ensemble with Yoyo Ma
SONG: "Arabian Waltz."
Live In Manhattan.

3. ARTIST: Stanley Jordan
SONG: "I Kissed A Girl."
ALBUM: "Stanley Jordan & Friends."

4. ARTIST: Lee Ritenour
SONG: "Walt for Carmen."
ALBUM: "Stolen Moments."

5. ARTIST: Lee Ritenour
SONG: "St. Bart's."
ALBUM: "Stolen Moments."

6. ARTIST: Pat Metheny Group
SONG: "Stranger In Town."
ALBUM: "We Live Here."

7. ARTIST: Ron Miles, Bill Frisell & Brian Blade
SONG: "Days of Wine and Roses."
ALBUM: "Quiver."

8. ARTIST: Enrico Rava Quintet
SONG: "Sogni proibiti. (Forbidden Dreams)."
ALBUM: "The Word And The Days."
================================== 8 P.M.
9. ARTIST: Grace Kelly with Phil Woods
SONG: "Ballad for Very Sad and Very Tired Lotus Eater."
ALBUM: "Man With The Hat."

10. ARTIST: Grace Kelly
SONG: "There is No Greater Love."
ALBUM: "Gracefullee."

11. ARTIST: Grace Kelly
SONG: "'Round Midnight."
ALBUM: "Times Too."

12. ARTIST: Grace Kelly
SONG: "Tinkerbell."
ALBUM: "Dreaming."

13. ARTIST: Pat Metheny Group
SONG: "Airstream."
ALBUM: "American Garage."

15. ARTIST: George Adams & Don Pullen Quartet
SONG: "Sophisticated Alice."
ALBUM: "Earth Beams."

16. ARTIST: Tim Newman
SONG: "Goodbye Porkpie Hat."
ALBUM: "Altered Ego."

The End.

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