Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friends&Neighbors - the sunny weeks 2013

This is a listing from several weeks.  Eclectic as usual.

Neville Pearsall,   From So Far Away
Surfing with Dolphins  
           From So Far Away
           The Coyote’s Reply

Jack Dwyer and Tim Connell  Roseira do Norte   Mando Planet

Marian Call, Dear Mr. Darcy   Live in Europe

Bluegrass Breakdown:  Newport Music Festival 1963-1965
Stanley Brothers, How Mountain Girls Can Love   
Fiddling Arthur Smith, Leather Britches

Chad Mitchell Trio, reunion concert 1986
Mighty Day
Great Historical Bum
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
The Frozen Logger    Live in Concert
The Kid with the Comic Book    Being There
Right says Fred   The Light of the Day

Chris Thile, Slime Rock    Leading Off
Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, Atheists Don’t Have No Songs   Rare Bird Alert

Susie Glaze & HiLonsome Band,   Mill Worker

Marley’s Ghost,  Sail Away Ladies   Spooked

Kenny Baker,   Denver Belle   
                    , Paris Waltz        Cotton-Baggin 2000

Steve Martin,   Daddy Played the Banjo     The Crow

Oasis Acoustic, v 33
Natural Bob Holdsworth,    A Rucksack Full of Love
Humphrey & Hartman  Big-Footed Woman
Phil Ward,  Bob Dylan’s a Genius
Molly Pitcher,  No One Loves a Folk Song

Don Roy    Maine Fiddler’s Camp  12th,  2005
Da Slocket Light

Pharis and Jason Romero
Forsaken Love  A Passing Glimpse
I Want to be Lucky   Long Gone Out West Blues
Engine 143   A Passing Glimpse
Turkish Enemy

Alice Gerrard       Bittersweet
  Unexpected Love
  Tell Me Their Story
  Sun Keep Shining on Me

the Giddens Sisters   Another Man Done

Riley Baugus,  Wandering Boy   Long Steel Rail
         June Apple  Long Steel Rail

Cheryl Wheeler
Summerfly  Pointing At the Sun
Unworthy   Sylvia Hotel
Don’t Forget the Guns   Driving Home
Frequently Wrong, But Never in Doubt   Driving Home
Is it Peace or Prozac?   Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar

Caroline Doctorow  Carmel Valley Ride
A Swallow Song
Come Back, Babe

Canote Brothers   Uke Snack: Savory Songs and Tasty Tunes
Those Beautiful Bottles (by Hank Bradley)
Pony Boy (by Mark Simos)
Only Missed by 2 (by Carl Jones)

Basque:    Joseba Tapia
Larre galduak  Real Politik
Other Mind Tapia & LeTuria
Etorbide profesionale Real Politik
Arin Arin Cajun  Tapia & LeTuria

Yvette Landry Should Have Known

Nancy Thowardson
Stomping at the Savoy   Gadzukes!
Back to Colorado  Something in the Air    (with bassoons!) 
Easy Love   Something in the Air
Paint the Town  Colorado Swing

Bela Fleck   Bilmon   Little Worlds

Acoustic Rainbow sampler
Si Kahn and the Looping Brothers  Wild Rose of the Mountain
Urban Monroes   Never My Love

John McCutcheon
meteors/the perseid
Cut the Cake
Wild Rose of the Mountain
Dulcimer Reel

Ron Block Nickel Tree Line   Walking Song

Carolina Chocolate Drops

Jody Stecher   the Frieze Britches

Scott Cook  one more time around   New Grist

Tillers  Hand on the Plow
Old Westside

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