Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friends&Neighbors Wed 7 pm Sept 11, 2013

Here's the list (artist, tune, album)

PlayList   Sept 11, 2013

Susan Grace There's Always Rocks   into the light

Alison Brown Song of Monterrey  Quartet

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band Ragged but Right  Ragged but Right

Tim O'Brien Daddy's on the Roof Again  Rock in My Shoe

Great Alaska Bluegrass Band Walking through Your Town TGABB

Katy Boyd with Cactus Choir  Don't Send Me Flowers  once in a bluegrass moon

Joseph Sobol Song: the Pasture , words by Robert Frost, Citternity on Kiltartan Road music
Reels: McGreevey's, with Martin Hayes

Leo Kottke, Watermelon Leo Kottke
LIttle Beaver   A Shout Toward Noon
Corrina, corrina   Standing in My Shoes

Bill Morrisey Avalon Blues the essential collection

Peter Mulvey  Road to Mallow  Kitchen Radio

Penny Nichols  Darcy Farrow  I'll Never Be That Old Again

Marian Call Coffee by Numbers  Something Fierce

Alison Brown Wonderful Sea Voyage of holy St Brendan  Quartet

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones  Scuttlebutt   UFO to You

Mickey Hart  Dance of the Hunter's Fire  Planet Drum

Big Blow & the Bushwackers  Seriously Stinky Didj  habagoola on wedgie records

Maura O'Connell  Summerfly   words by Cheryl Wheeler Helpless Heart

Guy's All-Star Shoe Band the Weary Farewell Blues Shake It, Break It, and Hang it on the Wall

Laurie Lewis/Linda Tillery/Barbara Higbie Hills to Hollers  Rosie  Live
Tip the Canoe

The Family Carr Reel Sebastian/Le Reel des voyageurs/Le Forgeron

Guy's All-Star Shoe Band Summer Slipped Away Shake It, Break It, and Hang it on the Wall

Waterbound Fish Makes You Smart  Sometimes a Great Ocean

Heidi Muller Cassiopeia  Cassiopeia

Larry Unger/Ginny Snow Foggy Morning Waltz  Waltz Time

Big Blow & the Bushwackers Wild Mountain Thyme  habagoola

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