Monday, September 2, 2013

Take Five, Sept. 1, 2013

1. ARTIST: Charlie Parker

SONG: "The Gypsy."

ALBUM: "The Legendary Dial Masters," Vol. 1

2. ARTIST: Charlie Parker

SONG: "Autumn In New York."

ALBUM: "Bird, The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve."

3. ARTIST: Fangs

SONG: "On A Misty Night."

ALBUM: "Fangs."

4. ARTIST: Fangs

SONG: "Fangs."

ALBUM: "Fangs."

5. ARTIST: Herbie Hancock

SONG: "Both Sides Now."

ALBUM: "River, The Joanie Letters."

6. ARTIST: Aaron Parks

SONG: "Harvesting Dance."

ALBUM: "Invisible Cinema."

7. ARTIST: Main Street

SONG: "Babyback Ribs."

ALBUM: "Babyback Ribs."

8. ARTIST: Main Street

SONG: "Spring Has Not Come Yet."

ALBUM: "3rd St."

9. ARTIST: Aaron Parks

SONG: "Karma."

ALBUM: "Invisible Cinema.

============================== 8:00

10. ARTIST: Manu Katche'

SONG: "Running After Years."

ALBUM: "Manu Katche'."

11. ARTIST: Manu Katche'

SONG: "Bliss."

ALBUM: "Manu Katche'."

12. ARTIST: Clarence Clemons

SONG: "Abraxas."

ALBUM: "Peacemaker."

13. ARTIST: Peter Erskine

SONG: "For The Time Being."

ALBUM: "Time Being."

14. ARTIST: Tom McKinley

SONG: "Out of Nowhere."

ALBUM: "Jazz Alive at Pittsburg."

15. ARTIST: Bobby McFerrin & Yo Yo Ma

SONG: "Coyote."

ALBUM: "Hush." 1991

16. ARTIST: Frank Sinatra

SONG: "Come Fly With Me."

ALBUM: "Come Fly With Me."

17. ARTIST: Frank Sinatra

SONG: "London By Night."

ALBUM: "Come Fly With Me."

The END.

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