Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Tideline with Katie B. 11-25-13

Elvis Costello
Down Among the Wines and Spirits
Sweet, Profane and Sugar Cane

Four Strong Winds
Neil Young
The Weight
with the Staples
The Last Waltz
November 25 1976
Winterland, SF

Paolo Nutini
Live at Preservation Hall

Portugal the Man
Modern Jesus
Evil Friends

Jason Isbell
Flying Over Water

The Everly Brothers
I'm Here to Get my Baby out of Jail
by B and F Bryant
Cadence Classics
Their Greatest Hits

Billy Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones
I'm Here to Get My Baby out of Jail
Commentary and song

The Hollies
Stop Stop Stop
30th Anniversary Collection

Laura Viers
That Alice
Warp and Weft

Nick Drake
Pink Moon
Pink Moon

The Avett Brothers
Skin and Bones
Commentary and Song
Magpie and the Dandelion

Dougie Maclean 
Feel So Near

Bill Withers
Grandma's Hands

Cat Stevens
Father and Son
Best of Cat Stevens
Millenium Collection
Rel. 2007

Joni Mitchell
Tea Leaf Prophecy
Songs of Prairie Girl

Billy Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones
Long Time Gone
Commentary and Song

Everly Brothers
Love of my Life
Greatest Hits

Nena Anderson
I Fall in Love Too Fast
Beyond the Lights

Blind Faith
Can't Find My Way Home

Tom Rush
Child's Song
No Regrets
The Very Best of Tom Rush

Tyler James
All I Got

Bedouin Dress
Helplessness Blues

Daniel Martin Moore
with Haley Bonar
Archives Vol.1

Elton John
Tiny Dancer

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Little Bit of Broadway

The Lion King

It’s still chilly, and so let’s go somewhere warm again this week. We are going to Africa and visit with Simba and the Lion King. This stage version of the beloved Disney movie is just magical.

Music Elton John
Lyrics Tim Rice
Book Roger Allers, Irene Mecchi
Basis Disney animated film The Lion King

Awards – It won 8 Drama Desk Awards, the Theater World Award, 6 Tony’s, including best Musical, 2 Olivier Awards AND 3 Molière Awards.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Little Bit of Broadway

Mamma Mia!

When the weather first turns really cold, my mind starts dreaming of places where the blue skies mean warm weather. There’s islands in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico and of course the South Pacific. But my favorite warm getaway spot is Greece. And that’s where we are going to today.

Mamma Mia! Is a jukebox music featuring the music of that super group ABBA. Plot is a bit silly but who cares! The skies are blue, the water is warm, and you can certainly dance to the music! Come along!

Music Björn Ulvaeus
Benny Andersson
Lyrics Björn Ulvaeus
Benny Andersson
Stig Anderson
Book Catherine Johnson
Basis Songs of ABBA

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friends&Neighbors Nov 13, 2013 Wed 7-9 pm

Playlist from the eclectic Folk show with Mike Sakarias as dj

Ketchikan Doc

Emerald Swing by Sultans of String on Symphony!

Insomnia by "Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor on Noctambule: Travel in the Shadows

Don't Send Me Flowers by Blue Cactus Choir on Once in a Bluegrass Moon

'Night Flight Over Water Quintet For Banjo And String Quartet: Hunter's Moon by Béla Fleck & Brooklyn Rider on The Impostor

That's What I Like About You by Molasses Creek on More Better

Little Addy by Andy Statman on Superstring Theory

Mike in the Wilderness by Old Buck on Old Buck
and Icy Mountain
and Willow Garden 

Cluck Ole Hen/Who do you Love? by Beat Bros on Beat Bros.

Time to Talk to Joseph by Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott on Memories and Moments

Red Rocking Chair by Ken Kolodner & Brad Kolodner on Skipping Rocks

Gone Gonna Rise Again by John McCutcheon on Gonna Rise Again

Stay Warm by Esther Golton on Stay Warm

Stone On Stone by Gordon Bok on Apples In the Basket
and The Hills of Isle Au Haut

Delices Au Chocolat by Taarka on Adventures in Vagabondia

Panhandle Rag by Windy Valley Boys on Alaskagway

Northern Set: Le Tourment / Whitefish Over the Rapids / Choochoo Reel by Joseph Sobol on Citternity

Bungee Jumpers by Sharon Shannon on Out the Gap

The Fairy Queen / The Gooseberry Bush / Paddy Kelly's / Woman of the House by Cherish the Ladies on Woman of the House
and Bogie's Bonnie Belle 

The Crow In the Sun by Liz Carroll on Lost In the Loop

Bonnie House of Airlie by Kate Rusby on The Girl Who Couldn't Fly

Mudlark Sampler 10-16-13

Host - Jack fontanella I Get My Whiskey from Rockingham, Bad Dog, Old Time Blah Blah Blah Going to Write Me a Letter, The Giddens Sisters, I Know I've Changed Fiddler Jones,Tim O'Brien & Darrel Scott, Memories and Moments Pretty Little Indian, Black Crown Stringband 1943, Nora Jane Struthers & the Party Line, Carnival Brown's Dream, The Corn Family, Fiddletunes for the Road Blue Diamond Mines, Rachel Eddy, Hand on the Plow Miners Song, The Morgantown Rounders Valley Forge, Rachel Eddy, Hand on the Plow Boomtown, Steep Canyon Rangers Bill Stepp's Last of Sizemore, Jeff Goering, Field Recorders Collective John, Hardy, Freigjht Hoppers, Mile Marker Little Black Train, Lonesome Sisters and Riley Baugus Paddy Won't You Drink Some Good Old Cider, The Tall Boys Ida Red, The Atlas Stringband Fishers Hornpipe, Old Buck I Know I've been Changed, The Giddens Sisters, I Know I've Been Changed Lost Goose,Richie Stearns and Rosie Newton, Tractor Beam Jack of Diamonds, Nora Jane Stuthers & the Party Line, Carnival Three Forks of Comberland, Marial Vandersteel, Hickory Can't Shake the Sands of Texas from My Toes, The Carper Family Shortening Bread, Paul Brown, Red Clay Country Hills of Mexico, Polecat Creek, Ordinary Season Lost Indian, Aaron Jonah Lewis & Matt Ball, Phil's Patio Riley the Furniture Man, The Haints Old Time Stringband Mustache Wax, The Flat Iron String Band Fort Smith Breakdown, The Pig Iron String Band,Fill Me Up Single Girl, Single Girl, The Pearly Snaps Clyde's Lost Girl, The Flat Iron String Band The Rose vase Waltz, Howard Rains, Texas Fiddle Choctaw Bill Joseph DeCosimo,Sequatchie Valley

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Little Bit of Broadway

The Producers

I spent the day in a Juneau Lyric Opera retreat, where one of the recurring topics was how everything we do requires a producer. And just what was expected of a producer. And all thru the discussion, in the back of my brain I kept hearing music from the 2001 smash Tony Award winner, Mel Brook’s The Producers. So, that’s what we listening to this afternoon.

The story is pretty simple, a Broadway has-been and his unhappy accountant figure out that a major flop could make them more money than a smash. But the flop they produce – wrong play with the wrong director – is so bad it is actually good, and then they have major problems.

Nominated for 12 Tony’s, it won everyone of them! And 11 Drama Desk Awards!

Music Mel Brooks<
Lyrics Mel Brooks
Book Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan
Basis Mel Brooks's 1968 film The Producers

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Friends&Neighbors, Nov 6, 2013 Wednesday 7-9 pm

an eclectic show of folk music (acoustic, often traditional).

from  SING! OUT   55:33
Spiro, The City and the Stars
Larry Penn, The Preacher's Whiskey Flask
Laura Sheehan, When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Dubi Handi, Shout Little Lulu
Anna&Elizabeth, Old Kimball
Brother Sun, Lady of the Harbor
Yves Lambert Trio, Les Corps d'Metiers

from This World Oft Can Be
Della Mae, Empire
                  , Turtle Dove

from Fit?
Old Blind Dogs, Country Girl set
                           , Sky City

from The Falling of the Pine
Brian Miller&Randy Gosa, The Jolly Raftsman
                                              ,  Raftsman Jim

from Lady on the Green
Rafe&Clelia Stefanini, Collins Medley

from As the Crow Flies
ChildsPlay, The Hawk and Crow/As the Crow Flies
                    , strathspays and polkas
                    , Lianne Maclean's Revenge/A Catchy Bug
                    , Leave no Millionaire Behind
                    , Slips&Falls medley

from December Moon
Henry Girls, Couldn't Ask for More
                    , Rain and Snow

from 22 Days
John McCutcheon, Dry Land Fish
                                 , Orion's Belt
                                 , Adagio in A Minor 

from Rabbits Hotel
Woody Pines, Hobo and His Bride

from hophigh
Crooked Still, Old Virginia

from Skipping Stones
Ken&Brad Kolodner, Falls of Richmond

from The Goat Rodeo Sessions
Yo-Yo Ma&Stuart Duncan&Edgar Meyer&Chris Thile, Quarter Chicken Dark at 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Little Bit of Broadway

Movin' Out

In 2002 Billy Joel came to Broadway. Movin' Out is a collection of Billy Joel songs loosely gathered together in a plot that isn’t worth mentioning, and choreographed by Twyla Tharp in to what has been called a rock ballet. We are listening to the original cast recording today just because....

Friends&Neighbors, October 16, 2013

from Alaska
Irene Muller,  Victory on Victory
                       Ordinary Boy
Susan Grace, There's Always Rocks on Come into the Light

some Favorites
Robin&Linda Williams, On & On
                                     , Dixie Highway
                                     ,Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan) on Back 40
Guy and Cindie Carawen, High on a Mountain (Ola Belle Reed) on Tree of Life

Old Blind Dogs, Stone to Sand
Cahalen&Eli  Potluck Dinner medley
Jesse McReynolds, Bending the Rules on Bending the Rules

Paul Simon, Sure Don't Feel Like Love on Surprise
                   , That's Me

Melody Walker &  Jacob Groopman, Graceland (Paul Simon) on We Made it Home
Ron Gay, Be What You Are on Where the Water is Most Blue

and more.  listen on Wednesday, 7-9 pm (over the air, on cable, or on the WWW) - we take requests!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Livingston Stapler Company Presents, November 2, 2013

Pizzicato Five - Baby Portable Rock
Artie Shaw - How Much Do I Love You?
The Roots - Can't Stop This
Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U
The Strombers - Fiesta Ilegal
Horton Heat - Marijuana
Frank Zappa - How's Your Bird?
Frank Zappa - The M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath
Horton Heat - Big Dwarf Rodeo
Manu Chao - Promiscuity
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - 3-in-1 Without The Oil
James Brown - Night Train
Harry James - Too Marverlous For Words
James Brown - Say It Loud (I'm Black & I'm Proud)
The Strombers - Cheilo el Bataca
Africa Bambaataa - Who Do You Think You're Funkin' With?
Hot Club Of Cowtown - I Can't Tame Wild Women
James Brown - I Want To Be Around
Manu Chao - Merry Blues
James Brown - I Got Ants In My Pants
The Beastie Boys - Flute Loop
Horton Heat - Bales Of Cocaine
The Strombers - El Coche De Manolo
Hank Williams Jr. - Texas Women
Hot Club Of Cowtown - There'll Be Some Changes Made
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Three For The Festival
Husker Du - Eiffel Tower High
Pizzicato Five - Somebody's In Love With Somebody
Pizzicato Five - Ice Cream Meltin' Mellow
Busdriver - Reheated Pop!
Frank Zappa - Cucamonga
James Brown - King Heroin
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home
Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose
Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
Lou Reed - Dirty Boulevard
Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll
Lou Reed - I Love You, Suzanne
Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side
Lou Reed - Perfect Day
The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize