Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Friends&Neighbors, Nov 6, 2013 Wednesday 7-9 pm

an eclectic show of folk music (acoustic, often traditional).

from  SING! OUT   55:33
Spiro, The City and the Stars
Larry Penn, The Preacher's Whiskey Flask
Laura Sheehan, When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Dubi Handi, Shout Little Lulu
Anna&Elizabeth, Old Kimball
Brother Sun, Lady of the Harbor
Yves Lambert Trio, Les Corps d'Metiers

from This World Oft Can Be
Della Mae, Empire
                  , Turtle Dove

from Fit?
Old Blind Dogs, Country Girl set
                           , Sky City

from The Falling of the Pine
Brian Miller&Randy Gosa, The Jolly Raftsman
                                              ,  Raftsman Jim

from Lady on the Green
Rafe&Clelia Stefanini, Collins Medley

from As the Crow Flies
ChildsPlay, The Hawk and Crow/As the Crow Flies
                    , strathspays and polkas
                    , Lianne Maclean's Revenge/A Catchy Bug
                    , Leave no Millionaire Behind
                    , Slips&Falls medley

from December Moon
Henry Girls, Couldn't Ask for More
                    , Rain and Snow

from 22 Days
John McCutcheon, Dry Land Fish
                                 , Orion's Belt
                                 , Adagio in A Minor 

from Rabbits Hotel
Woody Pines, Hobo and His Bride

from hophigh
Crooked Still, Old Virginia

from Skipping Stones
Ken&Brad Kolodner, Falls of Richmond

from The Goat Rodeo Sessions
Yo-Yo Ma&Stuart Duncan&Edgar Meyer&Chris Thile, Quarter Chicken Dark at 

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