Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friends&Neighbors, October 16, 2013

from Alaska
Irene Muller,  Victory on Victory
                       Ordinary Boy
Susan Grace, There's Always Rocks on Come into the Light

some Favorites
Robin&Linda Williams, On & On
                                     , Dixie Highway
                                     ,Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan) on Back 40
Guy and Cindie Carawen, High on a Mountain (Ola Belle Reed) on Tree of Life

Old Blind Dogs, Stone to Sand
Cahalen&Eli  Potluck Dinner medley
Jesse McReynolds, Bending the Rules on Bending the Rules

Paul Simon, Sure Don't Feel Like Love on Surprise
                   , That's Me

Melody Walker &  Jacob Groopman, Graceland (Paul Simon) on We Made it Home
Ron Gay, Be What You Are on Where the Water is Most Blue

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