Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jazz World

1. ARTIST: Dainius Pulauskas
SONG: "Waltz."
ALBUM: "1999."

2. ARTIST: Dainius Pulauskas
SONG: "Stream."
ALBUM: "1999."

3. ARTIST: Mess
SONG: "a nice ride."
ALBUM: "st. amblendfoil."

4. ARTIST: Mess
SONG: "moss."
ALBUM; "st. amblendfoil."

5. ARTIST: Nino Katamadae & Insight
SONG: "I Will Come As A Snow."
ALBUM: "Moscow Jazz Collection." 2007

6. ARTIST: Grace Kelly
SONG: "It Might As Well Be Spring."
ALBUM: "Mood Changes."

7. ARTIST: Grace Kelly
SONG: "Ain't No Sunshine."
ALBUM: "Mood Changes."

8. ARTIST: Grace Kelly
SONG: "Here, There, Everywhere."
ALBUM: "Mood Changes.
============================ 8 P.M.
9. ARTIST: Ahmad Jamal
SONG: "Saturday Mornings."
ALBUM: "Saturday Mornings." 2013

10. ARTIST: Ahmad Jamal
SONG: "The Line."
ALBUM: Saturday Morning."

11. ARTIST: Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wodd
SONG: "Tequila & Chocolate."
ALBUM: "Never Stop."

12. ARTIST; The Bad Plus
SONG: "Snowball."
ALBUM: "Never Stop."

13. ARTIST: The Bad Plus
SONG: "2 P.M."
ALBUM: "Never Stop."

14. ARTIST: Mulgrew Miller
SONG: "The Sage."
ALBUM: "Chapter 1 & 2."

15. ARTIST: Bill Evans with Eddie Gomez & Philly Joe Jones
SONG: "Green Dolphin Street."
ALBUM: "California Here I Come."

16. ARTIST: Ginger Baker Trio
SONG: "The Day The Sun Comes Out."
ALBUM: "Falling Off The Roof."

The End.

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