Saturday, March 22, 2014

Friends&Neighbors Wed 7 pm Feb 5, 2014

Rhythm Rollers    Quindaro H/Domnion R    Grand Right&Left
Laurie Lewis &
Tom Rozum        Old Dan Tucker        Guest House
Tim O’Brien&
Darrell Scott        Time to Talk to Joseph    Memories and Moments
            Brother Wind           
Molasses Creek    something worth having    something worth having
            Joe Bell Flowers
            Tico Creeko
            The Galway Girl
Pete Seeger        Turn, Turn, Turn        P S’s Greatest Hits
            Abiyayo            P S Singalong
            My Get Up and Go
Old New England    Sheila’s H/David Hillstone’sH/
            MaryLou& Charlie        ONE iii
            Canote Men’s Bramble/
            Brick-Layers H       
John McCutcheon    Amelia            Fine Times at Our House
David Francey    Satellite            So Say We All
            Blue Yonder
Cahalen and Eli    Off the Chama         With My Own Hands
            Livin in America
Laura Zucker        If I Could            Life Wide Open
            notes & words        By the Refinery Lights
            California Ride
Tom Carleno        Child’s Play            Perfect Imperfection
Mary Schallert    Penatonic Waltz        Short Stories
Plaid Family        On the Carpenter’s Porch    The Flying Book
JPP            Kruunupyyn    Katrilli        Devil’s Polka
Claudia Schmidt    Stong Woman Has a
            Bad Day polka        New Whirled Order
Steve Martin        Daddy Played the Banjo    The Crow
Williams        Dixie Highway Sign        Back 40
the Rhythm Rats    Blackberry Blossom        I Believe I’ll go Back Home
Laurie Lewis        Singing Bird            true stories
 and Right Hands    Rank Stranger        the Golden West

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