Saturday, March 22, 2014

Friends&Neighbors Wed 7 pm Mar 5

Mar 5, Anne Fuller hosting and sending you some old favorites

John McCutcheon        the Wind that Shakes the Barley    St Anne’s/Cricket on Hearth/
                                                                                            Kitchen Girl/Mississippi Sawyer

Bok, Mayo, Trickett        First 15 years, vol II            Aragon Mill
                                      First 15 years, vol I            Tree of Life
                                                                                 The Outside Track
                                    Turning Toward the Morning

Tom May            Blue Roads, Red Wine        Yukon Journey, 45 below

Esther Golton        stay warm                stay warm

John McCutcheon        World Turned Upside Down    What it’s Like
w Tom Chapin        Well May the World Go        Doing Our Job

Si Kahn            Courage                Playing the Old Songs

Della Mae            This World Oft Can Be        This World Oft Can Be

Tony Trischka        Solo Banjo Works            Early Scruggs Medley

Carolina Chocolate Drops    leaving eden                Run Mountain
                                    Leaving Eden
                                    Read ‘em John

Rodney Miller        Greasy Coat                Chorus Jig/Jive

Ken Waldman        D is for Dog Team            Blackberry Blossom/D is for Dog Team

Susan Grace            New Beginnings            Sweet Alaska

Si Kahn                                                      Mushing to Save Bristol Bay

Mike Campbell        Mars Outback            Iditarod

Jack Gladstone        Native Anthropology            Native Anthropology

Cahalen & Eli        With My Own Hands        Livin in America

Burl Sheldon            Busy Makin’ Money            Busy Makin’ Money
                                  Tidal Lore                The Roughage Queen

Susan Grace                                the Love we Carry within us

Tiller’s Folly            ghosts of the mighty fraser     Fraser & Thompson

Molasses Creek        something worth having        Waterman

Si Kahn            Courage                Custodian

Rick Thum            Front Porch Waltz            F&D Rag
                                                                      Ookpic Waltz
                                                                      Sandy Boys/Benton’s Dream
                                                                    Front Porch Waltz

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