Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Little Bit of Broadway


Today’s opera was an Italian take on the Cinderella story. While listening, it seemed only right that we follow with an American version of the classic fairy tale. I went looking for Disney’s film version but only found a couple of songs. But I did find was a “remake” from 1995.

This version features Linda Ronstadt, Take 6, James Ingram, David Benoit, David Sanborn, and Bobby McFerrin.

We’ll finish with the songs I found from the original film version, plus a couple more Disney classics.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

JAZZ WORLD, May 3, 2014
with Bob Tkacz, the Moustache Man

1. ARTIST: Bill Mays
SONG: "Summer Night."
ALBUM: "Summer Sketches."

2. ARTIST: Bill Mays
SONG: "Fireflies." 4:22.
ALBUM: "Summer Sketches."

3.  ARTIST: Dominick Farinacci
SONG: "Bilo No Aozora."
ALBUM: "Lovers, Tales and Dances."

4.  ARTIST: Dominick Farinacci
SONG: "Libertango."
ALBUM: "Lovers, Tales and Dances."

5. ARTIST: Willie and Lobo
SONG: "Fandango Nights."
ALBUM: "Willie and Lobo."

6. ARTIST: Willie and Lobo
SONG: "Bahai De Banderas."
ALBUM: "Willie and Lobo."

7. ARTIST: La Palma
SONG: "Blond Beer In A Pink Bar."
ALBUM: "La Palma."

8. ARTIST: Yusef Lateef
SONG: "Nubian Lady."
ALBUM: "Every Village Has A Song."

9. ARTIST: Takuya Kuroda
SONG: "Rising Son."
ALBUM: "Rising Son." 2014
 ======================= 8 p.m.
10. ARTIST: Nina Simone
SONG: "Sinnerman."
ALBUM: "The Thomas Crown Affair."

11. ARTIST: Holly Cole
SONG: "On The Street Where You Live."
ALBUM: "Blame It On My Youth."

12. ARTIST: Ruthie Foster
SONG: "If I Had A Hammer."
ALBUM: " Let It Burn."

13. ARTIST: The Bad Plus (Joined by Wendy Lewis)
SONG: "Radio Cure."
ALBUM: "For All I Care."

14. ARTIST: Willie and Lobo
SONG: "Between the Waters."
ALBUM: "Between the Waters."

15. ARTIST: Willie and Lobo
SONG: "Vallarta Boogie."
ALBUM: "Between the Waters."

16. ARTIST: Bill Frisell
SONG: "Tales From The Far Side."
ALBUM: "Bill Frisell Quartet."

17. ARTIST: Waitiki
SONG: "China Fan."
ALBUM: "Charred Mammal Flesh; Exotic Music for BBQ."

18. ARTIST: Chick Corea & Bela Fleck
SONG: "Waltse for Abbey."
ALBUM: "The Enchantment."

19. ARTIST: Annie Chen
SONG: "Black Pisces."
ALBUM: "Black Pisces.