Tuesday, May 6, 2014

JAZZ WORLD, May 3, 2014
with Bob Tkacz, the Moustache Man

1. ARTIST: Bill Mays
SONG: "Summer Night."
ALBUM: "Summer Sketches."

2. ARTIST: Bill Mays
SONG: "Fireflies." 4:22.
ALBUM: "Summer Sketches."

3.  ARTIST: Dominick Farinacci
SONG: "Bilo No Aozora."
ALBUM: "Lovers, Tales and Dances."

4.  ARTIST: Dominick Farinacci
SONG: "Libertango."
ALBUM: "Lovers, Tales and Dances."

5. ARTIST: Willie and Lobo
SONG: "Fandango Nights."
ALBUM: "Willie and Lobo."

6. ARTIST: Willie and Lobo
SONG: "Bahai De Banderas."
ALBUM: "Willie and Lobo."

7. ARTIST: La Palma
SONG: "Blond Beer In A Pink Bar."
ALBUM: "La Palma."

8. ARTIST: Yusef Lateef
SONG: "Nubian Lady."
ALBUM: "Every Village Has A Song."

9. ARTIST: Takuya Kuroda
SONG: "Rising Son."
ALBUM: "Rising Son." 2014
 ======================= 8 p.m.
10. ARTIST: Nina Simone
SONG: "Sinnerman."
ALBUM: "The Thomas Crown Affair."

11. ARTIST: Holly Cole
SONG: "On The Street Where You Live."
ALBUM: "Blame It On My Youth."

12. ARTIST: Ruthie Foster
SONG: "If I Had A Hammer."
ALBUM: " Let It Burn."

13. ARTIST: The Bad Plus (Joined by Wendy Lewis)
SONG: "Radio Cure."
ALBUM: "For All I Care."

14. ARTIST: Willie and Lobo
SONG: "Between the Waters."
ALBUM: "Between the Waters."

15. ARTIST: Willie and Lobo
SONG: "Vallarta Boogie."
ALBUM: "Between the Waters."

16. ARTIST: Bill Frisell
SONG: "Tales From The Far Side."
ALBUM: "Bill Frisell Quartet."

17. ARTIST: Waitiki
SONG: "China Fan."
ALBUM: "Charred Mammal Flesh; Exotic Music for BBQ."

18. ARTIST: Chick Corea & Bela Fleck
SONG: "Waltse for Abbey."
ALBUM: "The Enchantment."

19. ARTIST: Annie Chen
SONG: "Black Pisces."
ALBUM: "Black Pisces.


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